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Documentary highlights plight of U.S. atomic bomb test victims
Members of the Tularosa Downwinders worry they are running out of time despite bipartisan support from U.S. Sens. Ben Ray Luján (D-NM) and Josh Hawley (R-Mo.)
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Austin Film Festival Award Winners Include Sunlight and American Fiction
Austin Film Festival Jury, Audience and Screenplay Award Winners: Documentary Feature – First We Bombed New Mexico, written by Lois Lipman and Joel Marcus, directed by Lois Lipman 
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First We Bombed New Mexico Film nominated for a 2023 Jury Award at the 30th Annual Austin International Film Festival 
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Santa Fe International Film Festival: 'First We Bombed New Mexico' Awarded the Best New Mexico Documentary Feature by Lois Lipman
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Visitors tour New Mexico atomic site in likely record attendance fueled by 'Oppenheimer' fanfare
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‘Oppenheimer’ fanfare likely to fuel record attendance at New Mexico’s Trinity atomic bomb test site
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How 'Oppenheimer' is connected back to Washington state
Washington state has a unique connection to the period of time portrayed in the new Hollywood movie.
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Deliverance for downwinders: As the clock winds down on federal compensation, one woman’s mission ramps up
"New Mexicans harmed by the world’s first nuclear bomb test will finally win assistance if Tina Cordova has her way."
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What ‘Oppenheimer’ Doesn’t Tell You About the Trinity Test

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No ‘Oppenheimer’ fanfare for those caught in first atomic bomb’s fallout
"According to a new study, the fallout floated to 46 states, Mexico and Canada within 10 days. In 28 of 33 New Mexico counties, it estimates the accumulation of radioactive material was higher than required under the federal compensation program."

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Accounting for Unfissioned Plutonium from the Trinity Atomic Bomb Test
"Two possible modes of intake of plutonium from Trinity are most important with respect to potential health effects: inhalation of descending fallout and inhalation at later times from the resuspension of activity on the surface of the ground."
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