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MOVIE REVIEW: ‘First We Bombed New Mexico’ tracks tempestuous, unrecognized journey of downwinders
With “Oppenheimer” reintroducing the Manhattan Project into the cultural zeitgeist, “First We Bombed New Mexico” is a must-watch — an aching journey into the unrecognized fallout that haunts the American Southwest.
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MOVIE REVIEW: Film Review: In ‘First We Bombed New Mexico,’ talk is cheap
Through the story of the Trinity downwinders, Lipman paints a picture of systematic institutional neglect, filled with politicians who put on a good face, but either can’t – or won’t – get the country to recognize what it’s done. 
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MOVIE REVIEW: ‘First We Bombed New Mexico’ depicts resilience in the face of inhumanity
“First We Bombed New Mexico” is compelling and is truly a great example of man's resilience against lies and hypocrisy.
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MOVIE REVIEW: First We Bombed New Mexico
Manhattan Project survivors documentary is a call to action
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MOVIE REVIEW: 'First We Bombed New Mexico' Review
2023 Santa Fe International Film Festival: Documentary champions the downwind victims of Oppenheimer's experiment
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MOVIE REVIEW: ‘First We Bombed New Mexico’ (2023) a chilling reminder of the hidden costs of the Trinity test
Anyone getting ready to vote Oppenheimer for best picture should first have to watch Lois Lipman’s First We Bombed New Mexico. America has much to reckon with when it comes to the legacy of the nuclear bomb – much of it on our own shores. This documentary potently explores further dark shadows this scientific achievement has left behind.
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